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The Nikolaous Institute of Philanthropy


In the  languages of the Wurundjeri and the Dja Dja Wurrung peoples of Melbourne and central Victoria 'Wominjeka' means 'welcome'.

Charity and philanthropy are different things

Sharing the value of giving is a powerful legacy,

Empowering communities...

Charity and philanthropy are competing and alternative philosophies that generate different outcomes for society.

Australia tax law only recognises charity, so we are a registered charity, but we are a philanthropic foundation.

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Sharing the value of giving is a powerful legacy to build for your family, a heritage your family can celebrate.

The experience of making a thoughtful and strategic difference in the lives of others is a wonderful legacy.

Imagine sharing with your grandchildren the value of giving and contributing to the community.

Certain types of philanthropic gifts are an investment that will continue to grow forever and to give ever bigger grants every year.

By choosing the Nikolaous Institute of Philanthropy to be your partner in building your legacy your family, or whoever you nominate, will be consulted throughout every year on their charitable goals. Thus you will create a legacy of giving that will forever change the future of your loved ones.

The Founding Families behind the Nikolaous Institute know that establishing a charitable family foundation in Australia can be complex, costly, time-consuming, and even a lonely task. Thus our founding families are committed to helping those who want to create their own legacy in partnership with us.

Your legacy might be knowledge, assets, cultural values, or a mixture of these.

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Empowering communities to determine their own future, to build upon their own unique identities, is the most effective way to build and strengthen them.

The Nikolaous Institute of Philanthropy’s core purpose is building and strengthening communities and addressing inequalities. We support bold, controversial, innovative strategies that address the root causes of community issues.

We also believe that the greatest opportunity for everyone to enjoy dignity, security and happiness is in the preservation, restoration, or introduction of traditional systems of leadership and community governance.

We are playing our part in building a free, tolerant and inclusive society. Join us – Walk with us.

This ethic is embodied in our motto: The welfare of the people is the highest law.

When written in Latin it reads: SALUS POPULI SEPREMA LEX.

The Nikolaous Institute of Philanthropy

The Nikolaous Institute of Philanthropy is a collaboration between its two founding families who believe that community development is a civic responsibility.

Our logo reflects our commitment to traditional leadership in its heraldic, or shield like, design that is often associated with the preservation of traditional rights across Europe and parts of Asia.

Our Mission Statement:

We invest in the social capital of the future through building healthier and stronger communities.

The short version is simply:

We invest in the social capital of the future.


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